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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

aka: Super Mario RPG, Super Mario RPG: La Leyenda de las Siete Estrellas
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SNES version

A classic that reignited my passion for the console R.P.G.

The Good
Id like to start by saying that this is one of the best R.P.G s I've ever played. I had given up on the genre about 4 years ago after being a fan for around 5 years. I was staying at a relatives for a month and he had a load of SNES games on his laptop i had a browse and saw Super Mario R.P.G. so i thought ill just see what like as id never heard of it. After 10 minutes i was completely hooked its simple yet challenging gameplay had got me and i got that same feeling i thought id lost when i gave up on the genre.

Anyway enough about that what i enjoyed about this game was the humour some things the NPCs come out with had me giggling and it never takes itself to seriously so would be perfect for someone wanting to try out the genre without getting overloaded with story and battle systems like with Final Fantasy and the like. The music also adds to the charm of it. The other thing that i enjoyed was that to do special attacks you have to do a combination on the D-Pad like a 360 d pad spin or hammer button to fill up a meter for extra attack, this also applies to normal attacks where hitting the button at the right time is crucial in survival but also livens it up so your not just doing the same one button attack.

The Bad
It could have probably lasted a bit longer but 30+ hours is still good in my book. Some more hardcore R.P.G. players could see it as a bit too simple and cute.

The Bottom Line
If your thinking of trying the R.P.G. genre i would definitely give this game a go first and if you already like the genre give it a go as there is still loads of fun to be had playing

by festershinetop (9572) on May 19th, 2007

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