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Spirits is a real-time puzzle game in the tradition of Lemmings. In 46 levels a number of independently moving spirits need to be steered towards a swirl to make them journey home. They spawn one by one from one or multiple heaps of leaves and then start moving on their own. They move right by default, but will return when they encounter an obstacle. When they reach an edge, they will jump.

Spirits can be sacrificed to help each other, with four actions that become available gradually. They can turn into a root that provides a short bridge, they can dig through the ground, turn into a cloud that provides wind, or block existing wind. For each action a direction can also be chosen. Levels have gaps that need to be navigated using wind and there are spikes to avoid. A certain amount of spirits needs to be freed to progress, but there are usually more available than is necessary. Levels are unlocked gradually and each level has a perfect solution for a certain amount of spirits. In addition the player can optionally collect plants on different locations and these are also required to receive a perfect rating. Levels usually have multiple solutions.

There is no undo function, but an incorrectly placed spirit can be sacrificed to have it removed. When a spirit is clicked, it is stopped in its tracks for the player to choose an action, but the others keep moving, so quick decisions need to be made. There is an additional function to speed up the game and to have all spirits spawn at once. The game has global leaderboards with a score for the number of spirits freed. Plants count for 1,000 spirits.

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