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Iron Helix

aka: Iron Helix: A deadly war game gone awry...

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A rogue navy ship, Jeremiah Obrian, threatens to start a war. A virus has wiped out its crew, but the threat of it firing its Iron Helix doomsday weapon is still there. You must remotely pilot an unarmed science robot to explore the ship and work out how to shut the weapon down.

The game uses interactive quarter-screen footage to display the ship's interiors. The main challenge is that an automated security device is chasing you down, and must be avoided and ultimately destroyed. A delay between your commands and the robot's receipt of them forces you to pay close attention to the security drone and plan several steps ahead.

As you explore the ship, you will find data ports, which can be jacked into to gain information or to open doorways. To access most of these, you will need to find and collect a DNA sample from a member of staff whose role gave him/her access.

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Credits (Windows 3.x version)

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Story and Concept
Interface Design
Assistant Producer
Interactive Programming (Windows Version)
Digital Microscopy
Live-Action Video
Creative Director
Art Direction
3D Modelling and Industrial Design
Color and Lighting, 3D Rendering
Interface Graphics
Photoshop Mentor
Director of Engineering
Marketing/Public Relations
Business Administration
Manual Writing
Script Writing / Story
Original Music and Sound Design
3D Rendering, Image Compositing and Animation
Special Visual Effects and Pyrotechnics
Ship's Computer Screens and Microscopy Animation Processing
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Iron Helix had one of the slowest install procedures known to the modern world. It took well over an hour to install the game, for no apparent reason except that the decompression library was not optimized at all. The machine in question was a 486/66 running Windows 3.1 with a double-speed (2X) CDROM drive and 32MB RAM -- well beyond the minimum requirements of the game.

To be fair, the game ran perfectly after it was installed.


The song played at the game's main menu (samples of which are also heard in various other parts of the game) is a real song. It's appropriately called Iron Helix, performed by a band called Xorcist. The relationship between the game and the song is symbiotic: The game uses the song in its soundtrack, and the song uses some sound samples from the game.

Xorcist went on to contribute music to two other CD-ROM games: Bad Mojo and Space Bunnies Must Die!.

Information also contributed by Adam Luoranen

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