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In Stuntman, you play as an aspiring stunt car driver, working on major motion pictures. You begin your trek as a Rookie, working on low-budget films. As you gain notoriety, you will get offers from big budget, Hollywood films, complete with large stunts and pyrotechnics.

Stuntman takes place in six different locations, each location shooting a different movie. There are four to eight different missions for each movie. Some will have you chasing a car around a harbor, to jumping between two trains, to jumping through windows. When a movie is complete, you can view a trailer of the movie, with your stunts worked into it.

Aside from the Career mode, you can choose to play various driving tests, such as Speed Tests, Precision Tests, and, of course, Stunt Tests. Stuntman also includes a stunt park editor, where you can place ramps, obstacles, and other equipment in an arena, and then choose to play it.

As a Stuntman, you get to drive a variety of cars, such as police cars, sports cars, trucks, and armored vehicles.

Stuntman can be informative, as well. Before each stunt, your character will describe what he has to do, and how important timing is. You can learn various techniques that real stunt drivers use, such as the cannon roll and the nitro boost. You can also learn what the different pieces of equipment are called, such as the "side pipe", which is used to roll a car onto it's side.

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Average score: 77% (based on 23 ratings)


Average score: 3.5 out of 5 (based on 20 ratings with 4 reviews)

The Ultimate Frustration

The Good
A solid physics engine has been a staple of Reflections Interactive's games. Replays are fun to watch since this game is replay-centric. Unfortunately, that's all I saw as a plus in this title.

The Bad
The core gameplay involves driving and performing stunts exactly as planned. Isn't this against the nature of interactive gameplay? I wasn't expecting this going in and still finished the game... with a terribly bad aftertaste.

In addition to the linear gameplay, the load times are painful. Every time I had to restart a level I had to reload it as well, which took at least twenty to thirty seconds each time.

The Bottom Line
People either love or hate this game, and I'm afraid I feel the latter. This is one of the most frustrating games I have ever played.

PlayStation 2 · by James Wong (2402) · 2004

It could have been one of the best, but it failed miserably

The Good
First of all, the plot is great. It is very fun going around doing stunts. That’s about it for the good things.

The Bad
Now, if you can get past the choppy, horrible, disgusting PS1 graphics, you can see that the gameplay is equally as bad. You have no briefing for directions, you just have some guy yelling at you to do things with an arrow pointing at your destination. This makes it very hard to play, and ends in multiple, and I mean MULTIPLE(100 +) attempts to do a stunt.

The Bottom Line
In total, the game isn’t really that bad, its horrible. The game could have gone to become a great game, but instead of taking the concept to the stars, they dragged it down into the underground depths of #%$@. I give Stuntman a poorly earned 45%

PlayStation 2 · by ThE oNe (180) · 2002

One of the most underrated games on PS2

The Good
The overall presentation is excellent - when you watch the replays of your stunts (or screwed-up attempts at stunts), you truly get the feeling that you're part of a motion picture. The game is very challenging - trust me, you'll be re-doing the same stunt over and over and over... until you finally get it right - but not unfairly so. Since your own precision driving is the sole focus of the game, there are no "opponents", and therefore no AI issues, to deal with. This means that your success in the game depends exclusively on your driving ability. The control is very good and responsive. The replays are awesome. I love the fact that you can replay anything you do in the game - replays aren't just limited to successful stunts. This leads to some pretty funny replays! And you can save any of your replays too. My favorite part of the game, however, is the stunt constructor mode, where you can set up your own stunts in a huge arena. The most hilarious stunt I've done is to set up a huge ramp at the edge of the stadium, so that your car gets launched right into the audience! Believe me, it's hilarious to watch. You can also save these replays and change the camera angles. I also love the announcer in the arena stunts - he sounds like Fred Flintstone on caffeine. Remember the crazy announcer in the PS1 game Destruction Derby 2? I think the same guy does the announcements in Stuntman. It's a riot to watch your car go hurtling into the audience or the press box, and hear Fred Flintstone screaming, "AAAWWWW!!! WHAT A CRASH!!! YEAHHHHH!!!". Finally, the graphics are pretty good - they are pretty detailed, there are excellent shadowing effects, and they certainly have a cinematic feel. The graphics are, however, very jagged and the frame rate slows down sometimes. Overall, this game RULES!

The Bad
The PS2 is capable of much better graphics, even though they are very good in many ways. I don't like the jaggies in the graphics or the occasional slowdowns in frame rate. I also thought there was absolutely no sense of speed. I guess that would be more important in a racing game than one like this, though. An intense sense of speed would have made the game more hair-raising. When you successfully complete a level, your stunt replays are spliced into a "trailer" or preview film of the movie you are supposedly working on. I thought the idea was cool, but the trailers are a bit disappointing because they don't show enough of your driving. Sometimes, all the effort seems wasted. Many people complain about the game being too hard and frustrating. I totally disagree. Yes, the game is hard, but it is so addictive. I couldn't stop playing because the game sucked me right in, and made me determined to nail each stunt. I didn't find the game frustrating at all, just challenging

The Bottom Line
An awesome action-driving game. The perfect game for people who love to destroy things, watch huge crashes and explosions, or just love complete mayhem. If games like Demolition Racer, Destruction Derby or Totaled are your cup of tea, get this. If I were to rate this game from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best, I'd give it an 8.5. The lukewarm reviews others have given Stuntman are not justified.

PlayStation 2 · by Sean Goguen (5) · 2003

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