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Battle Mines is set in a satirical post-apocalyptic steampunk universe. Players each control an empire, and vie against the world and each other for success. Win conditions are largely self-imposed and can fluctuate from military conquest, to espionage, to tech research over a matter of minutes or months. Players choose their own methods for achieving these goals. Player interactions, be they trading or skirmishes, set the tone for the local and global environment. Uranium is enriched and fired from cannons! Monuments a kilometer high emerge from the desert! Doomsday devices are unleashed on the world, ICBMs hurtle across the skies, the horsemen of the apocalypse mow down entire empires, but take heart: Progress can always be made by the shrewd player.

A major focus of gameplay is the player's city, a collection of buildings that augment the powers of players' eponymous battle mines, enormous land cruisers with guns and drilling equipment. Buildings in the city are a primary source of new materials, which are the currency for most activities in the game. Play consists of 5-10 minute sessions 1-3 times per day, where players spend away their accumulated inventory and assess their situation. Player interaction is for the most part asynchronous. The player is buffered from the larger MMO universe by an immediate map of 16 players to interact with, but global matters also have plenty of impact.


Credits (Browser version)

19 People (8 developers, 11 thanks)

Erik Walle's Battle Mines was conceived, designed, and built from scratch by me
Graphics were created by
Music was composed by
Sound Effects by
Voice Acting by
Title Poster was created by
Special Thanks to
  • Santiago who contributed a great deal to the project before being contracted to continue his efforts
Lots of Hugs and Kisses to
  • Winnie Liang (my wife)
  • and both our families who have supported me while working on this game
My Appreciation and Admiration to
  • the beta testers who endured many trials while making Battle Mines the best it can be
  • Chris Dion (for a professional technical assessment)
  • and all the original battle miners from hometown Vancouver
Thanks to
  • Tronster Hartley (for early guidance in the ways of Actionscript; if my code is crap it's not his fault)
  • Brennon Adams (for the Let's Play videos and for moderating the forums since the early days)
  • the open source community because low-level stuff is boring and hard
  • anyone who contributes artwork; submissions are always welcome
  • Thank you for your interest; please enjoy the game



Average score: 4.2 out of 5 (based on 2 ratings with 1 reviews)

The game I wake up to each morning, the one I fall asleep to each night.

The Good
This game is like a morning cup of coffee for me, and addictive in the way caffeine is. Everyone likes the smell of it, if not always the taste, but you only need one or two cups a day to feel right.

I love the aesthetics of this game, a pixelated apocalyptic wonderland. The sound/music is also enjoyable and ambient. There isn't much by way of story but the few characters are lovable and interesting.

This game is multifaceted and deeply interesting with mechanics unlike any game I've come across before. The player can play the game any way they choose and always be presented with challenge and fun.

The Bad
The game is on the more complex side, especially delving into combat mechanics and taking the offensive. Learning the combat system, or anything really, can take a lot of time and re-referencing the Info section that explains the game.

There is one part of this game that is ENDLESSLY frustrating. Land. Exchange.

It's more than a little frustrating to have the land you've named, built, and thrived on stolen out from under your feet (especially along with your monument! Please, not my monument!). Your land becomes your baby that you've nurtured into fruition, only to be cradle-robbed, and not in the fun way.

Now, this isn't all bad. It's just another challenge to overcome. You can win your land back and rebuild your empire, but it takes elbow grease. And maybe $5. (What's a few bucks to help feed a starving indie dev, right?)

There are small annoyances, but what's a game if you're not invested in it enough to weather the little stuff?

The Bottom Line
This game is a post apocalyptic city-builder, but not your average post apocalyptic city-builder. It's a game about politics, war, and progress. Will you beat everyone into submission and rule with an iron fist, become an industrial powerhouse and fuel a booming economy, or sneak your way to the top ranks through espionage and cunning?

Browser · by hannah evans (3) · 2014


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