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Heroes of Loot

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Heroes of Loot is a fast-paced dungeon crawler with a pixel art visual style and influenced by the classic Gauntlet. The player chooses one of five characters and enters a dungeon, clearing floors with randomly generated environment, quests and monster spread for each session. The available characters are Barbarian, Elf, Valkyrie, Warrior, and Wizard (the first unlocked when you reach the 30th floor). They all have a ranged attack with a specific weapon type, but have different statistics for strength, magic and experience.

The controls consist of movement and shooting, aiming is done automatically towards the nearest creature. The character needs to find a large amount of monsters, generally to find a key that unlocks the door to a deeper level. With each new floors new monster types are introduced, as well as hazards such as bars coming out of walls, fire streams, spikes in the ground and poisonous pools. The player can unlock five difficulty levels based on the introduction of a new monster type. They become available after a set amount of levels have been completed. Experience levels up the character and improves the weapon's efficiency. Runes can be picked up to access a stronger, additional magical weapon activated automatically but with limited ammo, such as a rotating stream of fire or lightning bursts.

Loot consists of gold coins, chests and various gems. Hearts can be picked up to replenish health. The character has only got one life, so death is immediately final. Random game elements include shops where special items can be acquired in exchange for coins, bonus items rooms, quests, trapped humans who need to be freed and secret rooms. Various items and artifacts can be stored in a (non-interactive) inventory that provide additional advantages, such as the ability to regain health or to spot secret rooms more easily. The game can be paused to resume at a later time. There are often short cut-scenes with a humorous tone. Depending on the platform, cooperative games for up to two players are supported. On mobile platforms the character is controlled through touch. Movement is done on the left with automatic aiming, while the right side is used to shoot.

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