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Pokémon: Sky Stacker


Sky Stacker is an online Flash game from Cartoon Network based on the Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl series. In the game, you make blocks fall and stack up. The goal, however, is the opposite of most falling block games: you want the blocks to stack over the top. There is a green bar at the top of the screen, and the blocks must be stacked above it. The challenge is the fact that, depending on where they are dropped, the blocks can land on the corners of each other and stack on an angle, or potentially roll off the screen. If too many fall off, the game ends.

Three Legendary Pokémon can be used once per level. Dialga will make all the blocks already dropped lock into place and prevent them from rolling, regardless of what falls onto them. Palkia lets you delete blocks by clicking on them for a few seconds. Giratina lets you teleport one block by clicking on it to remove it and clicking another spot to place it there. There are 20 levels. A single tower lasts 5 levels. In each level, a Pokémon's silhouette appears in the background. If enough of the background is covered by blocks, that Pokémon is revealed and unlocked as an achievement.

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