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WildStar is an MMORPG with colourful visuals and a mix of fantasy and science fiction elements, often with a humorous approach. The game is set on the planet Nexus, once inhabited by the advanced Eldan race. They have disappeared, leaving valuable technology behind. Players choose one of the two rival factions who are after the technology. The Dominion was once established by the Eldan to control the galaxy, while the Exile is a band of outlaws who have been driven out of their homes by the Dominion. Each faction has four races and there are six classes in total. The races for Dominion are Cassian, Chua, Draken, Mechari, and for Exile Aurin, Granok, Humans and Mordesh. The six classes are engineer, esper, medic, spellslinger, stalker and warrior, and they are not all available for every race.

Classes still offer a certain amount of freedom as multiple roles are supported (e.g. tank, healer etc.). Players can choose to specialize in a specific role or mix them depending on the situation. In addition, one of four paths can be chosen, available for all races unlike the classes. The path determines the general role to play in the world with quests unique for the chosen path. The selection includes explorer, settler, scientist and soldier. Different paths complement each other, as a scientist not only researches the planet, but can also unlock hidden doors for others to access, benefitting the explorer. The soldier receives a lot of fight quests, while the settler collects resources to build machines providing buffs for members of the faction.

Typical MMORPG progression is used to discover new zones, complete quests, fight battles and participate in large raids. There are loose challenges and dungeons, but the main quests are labelled as region, zone or world depending on their importance. Next to PvE, PvP between factions is supported almost anywhere in the world, either in the open world itself or in arenas, battlegrounds or war plots. When fighting in an arena up to 5v5 is possible and a certain amount of respawns can be determined. Battlegrounds (with more varied objectives) and war plots (built around taking over fortresses with offensive and defensive constructions) offer a larger environment, supporting up to 15v15 and 40v40 respectively.

Characters earn experience, items through loot, and gold. After levelling up new skills become available, but some need to be bought as well. The main characteristics are brutality, finesse, grit, insight, moxie and tech, but some have other names depending on the chosen class. Combat does not employ auto attack. A Telegraph system is used where the ground lights up to show where and when an attack will strike. For players this is shown through a blue colour that gradually changes from light to dark until it takes effect, and enemies use the same system but with a red colour. This makes movement more important and characters cannot stay in the same position. The player needs to determine the direction of the attack and while targeting is possible, it is usually less effective than a custom attack. While moving around, sprinting, dashing and double jumping is possible. Some areas also have altered gravity and the movement allows for speed races and jumping puzzles.

Optionally a sky plot can be owned. It is a part of land that consists of a house and multiple sockets' that can be fitted with 'plugs' such as bench for crafting, a personal dungeon, a gathering node, an exploration shaft or a mine. Both the inside and outside can be decorated, with more freedom for the interior. A sky plot can be made accessible to other players, providing the use of the plugs, or having visitors work on the plot by harvesting for instance, with shared rewards.

The game is a commercial release and the standard edition comes with 30 days of free playtime, three guest passes with seven days of playtime, an Eldan housing item and an Eldan-themed hoverboard. It requires a monthly subscription after the initial release, but players can also buy the in-game C.R.E.D.D. item, which grants 30 days of playtime and is tradable using the in-game gold currency, with a variable price determined by the players.

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