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The Race


The Race is a top-down view scrolling driving game where the screen scrolls constantly and your aim is to complete six different courses to become Champion. The screen is split into two parts with two players able to drive at the same time, in one player you just race yourself. It is the last day of the 17th Annual Interplanetary Terra-Races sponsored by IPF and you have made it and now you attempt to complete the courses for the first time in the history of the competition in your 6000 SUX turbo sports car. The races themselves are situated in packed stadiums six miles above Earth on Simu - World Four, with people in their IPF Styro homes also watching.

Each course must be completed within a time limit and there are various obstacles like barriers, flames and walls blocking your path but there is mostly two choices of route through the course. Ramps and jumps can be used to clear the obstacles but you only jump so far before landing back on the ground. You can speed up and slow down your vehicle and if you crash then you float through the air but at the slowest speed. A press of the fire allows you to land and you can speed up again. Once you reach the finish line then you go to the next course and attempt to complete it.


Credits (Commodore 64 version)

4 People

Commodore Code by
Graphics by
  • Dean
Converted by
  • Clockwize
Music by
  • Sonic Graffiti


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