Frogger II: ThreeeDeep!

aka: Frogger 2: 3 Deep, Frogger II: Three Deep
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In Frogger II: ThreeeDeep!, you need to guide your frog to safety in three different locations. Starting out underwater, reach the top of the pond while avoiding dangerous alligators and fish (you can ride a turtle for safety!). Once on top of the pond, hop across logs, birds, and even a whale to the life preserver trailing behind a tugboat. In the third location you have to hop across a flock of birds to reach a cloud at the top of the screen. Each frog has a time limit to safely reach one of the homes on each of the three screens. You move on to the next level when a frog has safely reached each of the homes on all screens.

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Three screens, different environments.

The Good
This is the official sequel to Frogger, a game where you navigated your frog to its five holes (or berths) while avoiding some hazards. Frogger 2: Threeedeep! has you doing the same thing, except you have to do it in three screens. Whereas the first game is set on a road and river, this game is set in underwater, on the surface, and in the sky. You also have to avoid creatures that live their lives in these environments, both in the game and in real life. To make the game more challenging, you can get some bubbles that rise up from the ground.

You can jump in Frogger 2, just not quite as spectacular as you did before. You need to experiment and find out which creatures you can jump onto and which creatures you can't. I tried jumping on the dragon in the third scene, only to lose a life and go right back to the start. Going right back to the start and trying to complete the three scenes without losing a life proves quite a challenge.

There are so many ways that you can die, like running out of time before you can get to a berth. If you make the mistake from jumping from Point A to Point B at the wrong time, you can't go back where you came from and try a different approach, especially in the later levels where time expires much rapidly. The controls are easy to use. There is no fire button to worry about. Your frog can move left, right, forwards, or backwards.

Frogger II is not based on a coin-op, but the graphics are rich and colorful, with everything colored the way that it should in real life, including the inhabitants, clouds, the water itself, and the little tugboat on level two. My favorite graphic is the skull and crossbones, which appears when you lose a life. I was happy that that the frog is still green. Although there is no music in the game, the sounds are excellent as well.

The Bad
Nothing to think of at the moment,

The Bottom Line
Parker Bros., the bozos which Frogger II, should have some English lessons. They should know that "three" is not spelled with three e's. The game is slightly better than its predecessor, because it is made up of three scenes rather than one, each scene complete with creatures that look exactly like their cousins in real life. The graphics are a bit better this time around, and the game gets difficult after the three scenes are completed multiple times.

Commodore 64 · by Katakis | カタキス (43092) · 2007



When playing on a true CGA card with an RGB monitor (including Tandy 1000's and PCjr), the game uses a palette of green-red-cyan-white. This is done by setting the background color to green (instead of the default black used by most games) and using the tweaked red-white-cyan foreground colors (most video cards will display the foreground colors as the usual magenta-white-cyan, though).


Frogger II has been released on an numerous console and computer platforms, but the spelling hasn't been consistent from release to release. The PC version uses the spelling Three Deep, compared to other platforms which use the spelling ThreeeDeep!.


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