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Captain Forever Remix is a remix of the original 2009 browser game Captain Forever. In contrast to the original game the remix contains new graphics, featuring a comic style universe with 9 different levels (from the Sun to Pluto) and the addition of a storyline: As "Captain Forever" you have to stop your brother "King Kevin" to destroy the entire solar system. The universe is created by the imagination of the two kids, e.g. Kevin turns himself into a bubblegum head and freezes the sun, while his sister has to fight ships controlled by mutated space pets as Captain Forever to stop him.

Otherwise gameplay is very similar to the original: The player pilots a small command module, and from this mobile base must construct a spaceship consisting of bulkheads, thrusters and weapons. While some modules are provided at the start, rival vessels are the only source of further components. These are destructible, and are only released intact upon destruction of a ship's attached command module. To reach the next level (and thus the next planet) you have to defeat an enemy with a higher level than yours, with your final goal reaching Pluto.

Once the player (or a rival) destroys another vessel's command module, any surviving components are detached and float in empty space. From there, they may be dragged with the mouse and orthogonally welded onto the player's ship. Each part has a distinct color resembling the level of the component - the higher the level, the greater the power, mass and hit points of the component. Of course higher level enemies will also use better components for their (random) ship's design.

Movement is similar to Asteroids, and takes into account the inertia, mass distribution and thrust power of a ship's components, so asymmetric designs are unwieldy without careful planning, heavy designs without a sufficient number of boosters are very slow, etc.

The game has a built-in sandbox mode and will automatically save the ship designs of the player. Good designs can be tagged as favorites and be shared with other players. Creative design is encouraged due to the strategic problems posed by the mechanics: the player must learn to target enemy command modules without destroying their useful attached components. Building takes place in real-time, right in the middle of the action. Only when a new level has been reached does the game provide the player a short breather from enemy harassment.

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