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Jewelz is a puzzle game on a 4x4 board. Starting from the lower left, you can connect fields horizontally or vertically. Any field can only crossed once. The goal is to build a continuous connection to the end point in the upper right corner.

Sounds easy? Well, there is a constraint. The fields are in different colors. And the level is only finished, if you have an equal amount of each color connected. Sounds complicated? Well, an example: if there are two colors red and blue in the level, the line which connect start and end must cross the exactly the same amount of red and blue stones. In many puzzles there are much more fields of one color than others.

A special stone is the gap stone, which does not count as color. With level progress, fields in up to six different colors are on the board and the board itself gets bigger. You must not include all colors, so if appropriate, in a three color level you only connect stones of two colors – if the amount of fields connected in those two colors are equal. There is no time limit and you have unlimited attempts to solve a level. The last solved level is also saved to disk, so you can continue a game without playing the earlier levels again.


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Game idea

The game's idea was invented by Erich Friedman, professor for Mathematics at Stetson University/Florida. On his website erich's puzzle palace he presents many puzzles based on boards and mathematics. One is called "Color Mazes" and is describing the game rules and maps Jewelz is implementing. On the Color Mazes site he presents 41 boards with up to six colors and from 4x4 to 6x6 in size. You will find most of them in Jewelz, some slightly modified.

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