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Robot Roller-Derby: Disco Dodgeball is a first-person shooter based on dodgeball and set in pulsating and colourful dance club arenas. The game is played with robots that move on a single wheel, giving them a gliding movement that, combined with a recharging boost and ramps, provides momentum for physics based movement. The gliding can be countered through a key to halt movement immediately and it is possible to powerslide through corners.

The mechanics are different for each game mode, but in general the robots can be moved around freely and can pick up one of the many balls in the arena. By clicking, holding (to build up strength) and releasing, the ball can be launched at other robots to take them out. The game rewards creative hits, such as dunking a ball from above, hitting from a long distance or mid-air, ricocheting, passing the ball to another player for an assist, or doing a 360-degrees helicopter move before hitting. The incoming ball can be dodged, but there are other possibilities. By powering up a shot and aiming carefully, an incoming ball can be blocked. When not holding a ball a very timely click before the incoming ball hits can be used to catch it, eliminating the robot who shot it. After a moment to provide opportunity for ricocheting, the ball becomes neutral again and can be picked up by another robot.

The game offers many single-player and multiplayer game modes with different mechanics. It is possible to do free-for-alls, co-op challenges, team games and AI-controlled bots can be used up to fill up empty spots. The game has cross-platform multiplayer and supports both LAN and online games. The multiplayer game modes are Deathmatch, Score Battle (team deatmatch), Elimination (Team Elimination), Grand Prix (a race for checkpoints), Kingpin (only a single robot can perform trick shots for points), Superball (holding on to a ball), Capture the Cube, Hoops (a game mode similar to basketball) and Danger Ball. There are also various power-ups such as a jetpack, a shield, large balls, shooting in a straight line regardless of the distance, a flaming ball that cannot be blocked, homing balls, boomerang balls and so on. The single-player game modes are Arcade, Horde, Juggernaut, Air Raid, Fugitive and Training. There are randomized arenas with persistent score and experience to unlock perks. In the Arcade mode there are very different power-ups such as slow-mo, zero-G, EMP, ground pound, bloodlust, phantom ball, poison ball etc.

The game supports creating and sharing cosmetic items for the robot models through the Steam Workshop. Some of them can also be earned during regular gameplay where items are unlocked that can be crafted into something to wear.

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Credits (Windows version)

16 People

Sound FX
  • Power-Up Audio
Title Logo and Promotional Art
2D Concepts and Achievement Art
3rd party tools
  • Unity 3D
  • Steamworks.NET
  • ProBuilder & ProGrids
  • cInput
  • NGUI
  • Sonic Bloom
Photon Unity Networking
  • ExitGames
A * Pathfinding Project Pro



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