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Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure

aka: LBA, Little Big Adventure, Little Big Adventure (Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure), Little Big Adventure: Twinsen's Adventure, Twinsen's Little Big Adventure Classic
Moby ID: 748

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DOS credits (1994)

64 people (60 professional roles, 4 thanks) with 77 credits.

Original Idea Frédérick Raynal
Programming Frantz Cournil, Olivier Lhermite, Serge Plagnol, Frédérick Raynal, Laurent Salmeron
3D Objects & Animations Didier Chanfray
Scenery Graphics Yaél Barroz, Jean-Marc Torroella
Story & Design Yaél Barroz, Didier Chanfray, Jean-Jacques Poncet, Frédérick Raynal, Laurent Salmeron
Dialog Jean-Jacques Poncet
Story Coding Frantz Cournil, Jean-Jacques Poncet, Sébastien Viannay
Video Sequences Didier Chanfray, Frédéric Taquet
Music Composed by Philippe Vachey
Testing Lionel Chaze, Alexis Madinier, Vijay Maharaj, Nicolas Viannay
Quality Control Emmanuel Oualid, Frédéric Baily, Laurent Koeble
Character Voices/ French CD-ROM Version Sylvain Caruso (Twinsen, Civilian and Soldier Quetches, Grobos and Groboclones, Spheros, and Rabibunnies), Pierre-Alain De Guarrigues (The Horses, The Dino-Fly, Dr. Funfrock, & Voice Over), Catherine Margaillan (Female Rabibunnies), Julie Bataille (Zoé; Kobolds; Sendell)
Character Voices/ American CD-ROM Version Christian Erickson (Dino-Fly, Dr. Funfrock, Grobos and Groboclones), Patricia Kessler Caffrey (Zoé and Sendell), Ian Marshall (Voice Over, Horses, and Spheros), Joseph Sheridan (Civilian and Military Quetches, and Rabibunnies), Vivienne Vermes (Female Rabibunnies and Elves), Dana Burns Westberg (Twinsen)
Character Voices/ German CD-ROM Version Mickaël Jacob (Civilian and Military Quetches, Horses), Sabin Kreft (Elves and Sendell), Hans-Jörg Schnass (Voice Over, Grobos and Groboclones, Dino-Fly, Spheros), Doris Streibl (Zoé and Female Rabibunnies), Roland Waden (Twinsen, Dr. Funfrock, and the Rabibunnies)
Sound Engineer/Music Patrick Sigwalt
Assistant Bertrand
Sound Engineers/Voice Yves Robourbon, François Zinzin
Directed by Frédérick Raynal
Producer Randall Breen
Assistant Producer Matt Wolf, Al King
Product Manager Matt Wolf
Package Art Direction Nancy L. Fong, Didier Chanfray
Documentation Valerie E. Hanscom, Tom Peters
Euro Documentation Neil Cook
Documentation Layout Caroline Arthur
Testing Manager Alan Roireau
Lead Tester Michael Yasko
Product Testing Ivan Foong, Anji Mayfield, Joanna Pataki
Quality Assurance Walter Ianneo, Graham Wood, Raphaël Colantonio
Special Thanks To Colin McLaughlan, John A. Williams, Delphine Software International, Art of Words
Sound FX Little Phil. V
Program O. Balenghien
Package Design Frédéric Taguet, E. J. Saraille
Package Illustration Frédéric Taguet
Manual Layout Chris Morgan, 3 Point Design
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