Zombies Ruined My Day

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Xbox 360 credits (2011)

42 people (39 professional roles, 3 thanks)

Design, Art and Programming Mancebo
All audio samples in this game are from The Free Sound Project [www.freesound.org]
Audio Authors Dan Oberbauer (DJ Chronos; Bell Rise Samples for the menu music), Joe Mattson (End Game Music [as Flick3r]), CGEffex (Ricochet metal samples, Concrete block hit samples for the player land, Dinosaur loud roar for the clown monster; Cartoon boing for the player's jump [as CGEffex]), Vosvov [Zombie Voice Sample; Glock Reload Sample for weapon change], Kantouth [Gatling Samples], Inferno [Rocket Launcher Samples], Richard Frohlich (Freqman; Concrete Block Samples for barricades), Chris Cooper (Zombie bite sample [as Koops]), Rakurka [Scenario Bullet Ricochet Samples], Gezortenplotz [Desert Eagle Sample], Matt_G [M240 Sample for the uzi], Nthompson [Explosion Sample], Ben Boncan (Inceptiomatic sample for the zombie warning, Wood on rollers sample for the rollercoaster [as Benboncan]), Robert Gacek (Door slam sample, Woman shout sample [as Robinhood76]), Steveygos93 [Gunshot Sample], Cezary Swancar (Pickup Ammo Sample [as NarrBaumComplex]), Slothrop [Footsteps Sample], Aust_Paul [Jungle Footsteps Sample], Stijn [Grate Sample], Giuseppe Mangione (Elevator Doors Sample [as Fonogeno]), Than van Nispen tot Pannerden (Thanvannispen; Women Cry Sample), acclivity (Male Cry Sample [as Acclivity of Freesound.org]), Snowflakes [Whip Sample], Superex1110 [Door Bump Sample], Pogotron [Swishes Sample], Nik Paget-Tomlinson (Jaw harp sample [as 3bagbrew]), Timbre (Growl Sample for the monster clown [as Timbre]), CJ4096 [Bell Sample for the elevator], Anechoix [Squish Sample], Max Petrosky (Alien Scream for the monster worm [as Syna-Max]), WillHiccups [Blood Hit Sample], Figowitz [Robinson Flying Loop], Jon Harding (Spark Sample for bumper car (as Chipfork)), TheCheeseman [Hurt Sample], Floating Tree [Wet Stone Walking Sample], Ampul [Drill Sample for the bumper car engine sound], Sebastian Lund (Watermill Sample for the ferris wheel (as sebastianlund))
Special Thanks Eva & Suri for their love and patience, My family for always supporting me, Joan Albert (Cyborg; for his valuable help)
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Credits contributed by Patrick Bregger, lights out party.