Strawberry Shortcake: Strawberryland Games

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Strawberryland is set to have its annual games. However, Peppermint Fizz, accompanied by her pet Cola Chameleon, wants to prove she's the best and has decided to use underhanded tactics in order to win all of the events. Strawberry Shortcake is informed of this fact by the other denizens of Strawberryland and so she decides she can teach a lesson to Peppermint Fizz by winning the events in an honest way.

Strawberry Shortcake: Strawberryland Games is a package of sport event mini-games. Players take on the role of Strawberry Shortcake as she travels along Strawberryland's cookie pathway looking for events to participate in. There are two sets of events, the Game Day Races and the Berry Cherry Games.

The Game Day Races are:

  • Balloon Race - Players control Strawberry Shortcake as she has to do some platform jumping in order to reach a finish marker that's set way above the candy clouds. In order to get to some platforms, players will have to create some makeshift platforms by placing balloons (with the stylus) for Strawberry to hop on. However, each balloon drains an air meter, that will need time to refill if it gets empty.Peppermint Fizz will also try to hinder Strawberry's progress by dropping mints that pop the balloon platforms.
  • Berry Boarding - Players take control of either Strawberry Shortcake or her friend Blueberry Muffin and go snowboarding down the Sundae Mountain slopes. While the main goal is to get to the end of the race as fast as possible, players can also collect stunt berries which allows them to perform special moves. Performing these moves reduces the time used on the clock.
  • Licorice Leap Race - Players take on the role of either one of Strawberry's pets, Pupcake (her male dog) or Custard (her female cat). Players have to direct the animals across Punch Bowl Pond as fast as possible by selecting jump points on floating brownies. Sometimes licorice drops have to be added to the field with the stylus as makeshift jumping points. Peppermint Fizz doesn't make this easy since she will keep tossing balls filled with sneezing powder at the animals which will cause them to sneeze and waste valuable time.

Berry Cherry Games:

  • Berry Bounce - Players are shown a row of fruit icons. The fruit pictured in that row must be poked at with the stylus on the touch screen below. Random fruit bounces around from several holes in the ground. While tapping on fruit that's pictured will remove them from a row, tapping on fruit not pictured will add them to the list. Removing all the fruit pictured will complete a level. The player is given a limited amount of time to complete this task.
  • Berry Tap - Fruit pops up and then goes back down into holes in the ground. The player has to click on the strawberries in order to add them to a row. If the player clicks on the other types of fruits they will have a strawberry removed from their collected row. Occasionally gophers will pop up and clog a hole and will need to be clicked on in order to remove them.
  • Berry Tiles - Players take control of Pupcake and have to move him across a tiled floor that has a picture of a fruit on either side of a tile. Each tile he walks over flips it over to the other side. The goal is to get all the tiles to picture the same fruit on the surface.

Playing these events will earn the player tickets which can then be spent at the Dessert Booth.The Dessert Booth offers items that can help the player in the racing events. These items can simply be bought and then made by the shop owner Angel Cake or they can optionally be made by Strawberry herself. Making the treats herself involves the player using the stylus while following some recipe instructions.

Players can also take a balloon ride around Strawberryland where tapping on some of the clouds can earn the player some extra tickets.

The games only multiplayer is a two-player Wireless Multi-Card option for the Berry Boarding event.

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