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In Gongbat the player play the titular creature, a bat that can pull energy from the sound that surround it and change form using prehistoric gongs. A mad scientist named Flinto Hark has gotten his eyes on the gongbat as a power source. It is now up to the player to control the gongbat in the fight against all of Flinto Harks underlings. The basic weapon of the gongbat is the sonic wave. By killing enemies the carnage meter at the left bottom corner of the screen fills up, once it is filled the player can invoke the power of a gong. There are a total of four gongs that grants the player different abilities. At the beginning of the game only one gong is available and its special power is to increase the size and power of the gongbat. By killing enemies the player also earns cells that can be used to upgrade the gongbat. There are four things that can be upgraded: Health, Gong charge, Echo damage and Echo speed. The game features many boss- and mini-boss monsters, these are recognized by the fact that a health bar with their name on shows up on the screen. Now and then cages with trapped bats will be lowered down into the gonbats path and a combination of patterns will be shown. By selecting the right pattern the gongbat will free the trapped bats and earn extra points.




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  • MobyGames ID: 78301


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