Arcshu: Kagerō no Jidai o Koete

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Arcshu: Kagerou no Jidai o Koete is loosely related to the greater Arcus series. It is a visual novel created in the parody style, and in the process hits many common pop culture items of the day (movies, novels, comics, animation, etc.). The story follows the main character, Jeda, through a series of still images and standard adventure-game puzzles and menu-based navigation as the player works through an overlaying mystery. As the story progresses, Jeda finds that there is a hole in his dimension, and the only way to repair this hole is to travel through other dimensions (and time) to seek out a mystical holy sword and a group of CDs that will restore things to their proper nature. Throughout this journey, there are numerous cameos and other appearances by other Wolf Team and Nippon Telenet characters from various other media (The Valis Series, Midgarts, Final Zone, etc.). Musically, there are also numerous tracks that have been pulled from these same properties (and in some cases comically rearranged) and are used to good effect here.


  • あーくしゅ 陽炎の時代を越えて - Japanese spelling

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Credits (PC-98 version)

10 People

Scenario (シナリオ)
  • Kiyoharu Goto (as Kiyoharu "Tatakau Bō-san" Goto) (後藤 “戦う坊さん” 清治)
Graphics (グラフィック)
  • Kenichi Suzuki (as Kenichi "G-chan" Suzuki) (鈴木 “Gちゃん” 健一)
Program (プログラム)
  • Tomoyuki Hori (as Tomoyuki "Horomu A" Hori) (堀 “ふろむA” 智之)
Sub Scenario (サブシナリオ)
  • Takahiro Takeda (as Takahiro "Gonza" Takeda) (竹田 “ゴンザ” 貴裕)
Sound (サウンド)
  • Masaaki Uno (as Masaaki "Korekara Kekkon" Uno) (宇野 “これから結婚” 正明)
  • Motoi Sakuraba (as Motoi "Tadaima Shinkon" Sakuraba) (桜庭 “ただいま新婚” 統)
  • Yasunori Shiono (as Yasunori "Shibaraku Dokushin" Shiono) (塩生 “しばらく独身” 康範)
Management (マネージメント)
  • Joe Asanuma (as Joe "Joe" Asanuma) (浅沼 “ジョー” 穣)
Ad Work (アドワーク)
  • Fumihito Ishii (as Fumihito "Heavy Smoker" Ishii) (石井 “ヘビースモーカー” 史人)
Producer (プロデュース)


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