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Stories: The Path of Destinies

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Windows credits (2016)

94 people (51 professional roles, 43 thanks) with 95 credits.

Created by Spearhead Games

Development Team Mathieu Bissonnette, Malik Boukhira, Keisha Chauvin, Keith Ebanks, Maximilien Faubert, Emilie Feyaerts, Jonathan Jenin, Atul Nath Mehra, Yan Mongrain, Mickael Neuville, J√©r√īme Parent, Benjamin Roy-Iwanycki, Franco Salas, Philip Tam, Thierry Van Elsuwe
Additional Development Simon Darveau, Vincent Hubau, Ian Morai, René Oculi, Yves Poureau, Adrien Quay-Thevenon
Writers Alex Epstein, Nadim Boukhira
Voice of The Narrator Julian Casey
Music and Audio by Vibe Avenue
Audio Directors / Music Composers François-Xavier Dupas (credited as FX Dupas), Mathieu Lavoie
Lead Audio / Sound Designer Jérémy Gavoille
Sound Designers Benjamin Bongert, Dylan Escalona
Audio Integrator Xavier-Charles Fecteau
Audio Interns Clément Delpierre, Beatrix Moersch
QA Lead David Kilpatrick
Testers Benjamin Briolat, Marin Combot, Julien Del Rosario, Rapha√ęl Dely, Thomas Facchin, Axel Rohmer, Gabriel Roy, Zacharie Tournon-Martin
Public Relations Tom Ohle, Jessica Beaudoin
Localization Roboto Translation
Special Thanks ISART Digital, Sophie Poirier, √Člys√©e Daniel, Tessy Dupraz, Tanya Lam, Michele Hubert (CousinLarry), Zoe Pickering (PrincessLuly), Logan Salas (Wolverine), Alexander Harley (InfernoSpike), Spencer Harley (GreatBrick), Balky, Gin Gin [Rest in Peace], Moura Melondeau, Mylen, Liam, Ma√©lie, Lou Ann, J√©r√©my, Chlo√©, Mamir√®ne, Papylou, Vanya Yashpal, Nikola Tesla, Mounia Ait Akli, Miloud Boukhira, Assya Bendeddouch, Rima Elkhatib, Alan West, Thomas Tu, Laura Bernhardt, Odile Prouveur, Francis Binet, Karyne Paquette, Bruno Campeau, Pascal Cote, Michael Lavigne, Andres Flores, Samuel Laroche, Thomas Gaudry, Alban Quanoi, Pierre-Yves Bernier, Dao Champagne, Myriam Boisvert
Consultation Hit Detection LLC
Produced with the financial participation of Canada Media Fund / Fonds des médias du Canada
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