Giant Boulder of Death

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Giant Boulder of Death is an action game similar to an endless runner where the player controls an enormous boulder as it rolls down a mountain through idyllic Alp villages. The boulder is constantly moving forward and the player steers it by tilting the device left and right while tapping the screen makes it jump. The aim of the game is simply to go as far as possible and getting a high score by creating as much damage as possible. In addition to beating the high score there are also achievement-like goals that when completed unlocks more objects and elements to the game.

Initially only small beings and objects such as humans, animals, trees and fences can be rolled over but as the military is alerted various defense systems such as spike walls will start appearing. Any contact with these will lead to death but a continue option can be used by spending gems. As the boulder rolls over things its destruction meter will be charged and when it's full it transforms into an invinciboulder which is much larger and is covered in spikes. The invinciboulder is not only invincible but it can also roll over and destroy anything including the military's defense systems and large buildings which otherwise are indestructible.

The game is free-to-play and uses two virtual currencies: coins and gems. Both can be bought in packs for real money or collected by rolling the boulder over them. Coins are common while gems are rarer. Both currencies can be used to upgrade the boulder's ability in terms of jump height, steering speed and invincibility duration. The game also features a spinning wheel that appears before starting a game. Upon spinning it the player is granted three advantages, for example longer lasting invincibility or less obstacles. After a spin there is a cooldown before it can be used again unless gems are spent for it. The spinner advantages can also be upgraded by spending gems or coins. Gems can also be used to get a continue after dying.



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