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Championship Soccer '94

aka: International Sensible Soccer: World Champions, Sensible Soccer: International Edition


Championship Soccer '94 (better known as International Sensible Soccer: World Champions) is the successor to Sensible Soccer: European Champions. The gameplay is unchanged: this is a fast-paced, top-down soccer game with emphasis on fast passes and simple control system.

Like the computer version, the only major change compared to the predecessor are the additional eleven national teams and updated team rosters. It also features the World Cup 1994 as pre-set tournament (with the original groups) instead of World Cup qualifiers. Otherwise it keeps the same pre-set tournament options and the option to create own tournaments (cup or league) with the 51 national, 64 club and 64 custom (fantasy) teams.

The Genesis version features original names which are slightly changed in the European SNES version (e.g. Klonsmann instead of Klinsmann). In the US version, the names have no resemblance to original athletes.

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  • Sensible Software


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