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Taxman is a pretty accurate clone of the arcade smash hit Pac-Man where the player takes the role of the "Taxman" and has to collect tax from the rebellious citizens.

You control the now famous circular dot muncher that has to go around the maze and collect all the "tax pellets". He is chased by four ghosts that will kill the poor taxman on touch. If the Taxman eats a power pellet, the roles are reversed and he can chase the ghosts and eat them in return. Levels repeat with increased difficulty and once three lives are lost, it is Game Over.

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Credits (Apple II version)

9 People (8 developers, 1 thanks)

HAL Labs Staff
No thanks to
  • Baal & the staff of La Sierra High School


Atari re-release

Atari sued the creators because of its extreme likeness to Pac-Man. As part of a settlement, Atari took ownership of the game and the source code and re-released it in 1983 as their own Pac-Man conversion.

Source Code release

The source code was publicly released by the game's programmer Brian Fitzgerald in 2015.

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