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Rescue is an arcade game where the player is in control of a helicopter flying over an ocean and has to pick up a number of parachutists that have landed in the water. The game is played from a side view perspective and uses one joystick for flying the helicopter and a second for shooting in eight directions. A single button is used to drop bombs.

Enemies that have to be combated include helicopters and in later levels submarines and ships. There are also sharks that might kill parachutists that aren't rescued quick enough. To rescue a drowning man the player has to fly close to them and hold still and they will climb a rope ladder. Movement while they are climbing can cause them to fall off. It's also important to avoid flying into them when when they are in the air since they can get killed by the rotor blades. Each level is completed when a certain number of parachutists have been rescued and dropped off onto a nearby island.

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