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Gunship 2000

aka: GS2000, Gunship 2000: Mehrere Kampfhubschrauber im Gefecht - Eine völlig neue Simulation, Gunship 2000: The All-New Multi-Helicopter Combat Simulation, Gunship 2000: The Multi-Helicopter Gunship Simulation
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Take the Apache, the new Longbow Apache, The Blackhawk, Comanche Scout, Comanche Gunship, or the MD-500 Defender on campaigns or missions. The updated graphics engine provides much more detailed terrain variation, with true valleys/hills and even train tunnels that you can fly through. When you are promoted to a sufficient rank you can take along multiple helicopters to accomplish your objectives. The dynamic campaign generates new missions based on multiple maps. Attack, defend, sweep, scout, rescue, drop... Lots of missions to keep you busy. The crew learns and grows in experience as they continue to survive and succeed. A full mission recorder allows you to view every member of your team as they fight or die. Plenty of weapons are available for your side from the latest Hellfire missiles and Sidearm anti-radar missiles to the old-fashioned chain gun and gun pods are available for your use. The enemy can be well-armed as well, from deadly 2S6 gun/missile combo to old-fashion ZSU-23, even the occasional MiGs.

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Average score: 86% (based on 27 ratings)


Average score: 4.0 out of 5 (based on 50 ratings with 3 reviews)

Got to be the B E S T modern combat simulation around!

The Good
Saddle up, if you think Gunship was great, then prepare to be blown out of your boots with this one.

If you've read my review on Gunship, well let's just say nothing prepared for the sheer excitement the sequel had to offer! Gunship 2000 I repeat is the BEST modern combat simulation around, even by today's standards! (Unless they did come up with something good that I'm not aware of...let me know somebody!)

Everything in this version of Gunship is bigger in every element:

  • New Choppers: Once you only had an Apache Longbow, now you have more than one Apache Longbow versions in addition to various other choppers like the Blackhawk, Cobra, etc. Different kinds of choppers provide various combinations of offense and defense (although at most occasions you'd prefer a whole bunch of Apache Longbow D choppers locked and loaded with Hellfire missiles!) Some missions such as rescue missions require you having one Blackhawk chopper for example.
  • Wingmen: Once you were a lone pilot, now you can have 4 buddies guarding your behind and see the whole horizon filled up with Hellfire missiles...it really doesn't get any better than that! You wingmen and wingwomen even gain ranks and medals, so it's more character development for RPG fans!

Wow, my limited vocabulary level eludes me from explaining all the great stuff about the game. Every new mission is an anticipation of a new medal or a new rank. New ranks means new wing pilots or new choppers to fly.

This was also the first time I experience the sheer power of the Sound Blaster digital speech in a simulation game. Suddenly my wingman was crying out "Incoming left, right, front, back...dang it all over!" (dramatization). That just blew me away! (that and the sidewinder stuck at my aft!) The sound effects was a major element in this game. Missiles flying, tanks exploding, machine guns roaring...it did it all. Everything just became a little closer to reality, dang they did a great job on this game!

The Bad
So I only get 4 wingmen flying around, that ain't bad. Could use more, but that wouldn't be fun either wouldn't it? Hehe. Gotta find me a good emulator to play this game again.

The Bottom Line
This is totally simulation magic.

DOS · by Indra was here (20633) · 2004

Microprose's Peak

The Good
Microprose peaked with this game. The 3D theatres were unreal; very richly detailed, and far surpassing anything they'd done before. You could actually hover near the train tunnel and see through it out the other end of the hill! The AI was decent (with one failing). You finally had wingmen who would fight reasonably. The tactics are actually fairly realistic, as are the missions. The graphics are decent. If you ignore the lack of texturing and the simpler meshes, it even ages gracefully. and the military hardware was great; lots of helos (including the Stealth Comanche). You'd work your way up the ladder getting access to better and better ones. The game balance wasn't unreasonable; Unless you used the 'turn off my computer fast' cheat you would lose wingmen and get them replaced.

The Bad
It was very hard to play without a joystick.

You were supposed to hide behind e.g. a hill and pop up to fire, then duck back down. BUT the enemy missiles could fly through short distances of solid hill!

When you rose up, enemy radars would instantly to spot you and . They should have had a more realistic sweep delay. Because it meant what you'd have to do is "drive" a few feet along the ground and get real close. That part at least wasn't realistic.

The Bottom Line
In 1991 Microprose was at its peak. Their technology had come a long way and they were getting extremely good at what they did. GS2000 was their pinacle simulation. Basically, it was extremely good!

Unfortunately shortly after this "Wild Bill" decided to pursue the arcade game market, just in time for its slump. He sold, and Sid followed him shortly thereafter. Gilman Louie from Spectrum Holobyte took them over, at which point MPS started to slide. There is a difference between doing military simulations (which Louie presumably bought them for), and doing them well. Nothing they did after this came close. Their follow-up to GS2000 was F-14 which was more like Spectrum Holobyte's Falcon series. The magic was lost.

Check out GS2000 and you'll see MPS at their best!

DOS · by B Jones (14) · 2006

One of the most amazing simulations for its time, command AND fly/fight!

The Good
Ability to command more than one helicopter, a sense of strategy, ability to maintain a full squadron, full complement of choppers from scouts to transports to gunships, crew that improves as they do more, randomly generated missions so no two are ever the same, full mission recorder, ability to jump-in at any point and play it through again, full 3D terrain (not just a couple hills on flat land any more)

The Bad
Graphics aren't that flashy, enemies don't really move much if at all (except enemy gunships, which actively seeks you out), difficult to master, generated missions get repetitive after a while, no plot or backstory, just a plain mission briefing

The Bottom Line
Gunship 2000 is one of the best helicopter simulators ever, the only one where you can command a whole squadron of choppers while trying to achieve multiple objectives.

You start as a young warrant officer, only able to command a single chopper. When you get a promotion, you can start commanding more. The missions are randomly generated on a large map that ranges from scouting to search and destroy, from rescue to resupply, and more. You can run a single mission, or trying survive a campaign which will give you a series of missions until the limited war is over.

As a single-chopper sim, GS2K is faithful to all the choppers it simulates. From the ponderous Blackhawk to the nimble Defender and Commanche, to the gunships like Apache, Longbow, and Cobra, they all feel different and play different. However, that's not the best part.

When you get enough experience to command multiple choppers, this turns into the most amazing game. Imagine this... Your other choppers will perform the tasks you assign while you perform search and destroy on your own, or fly escort yourself and let the transport chopper drop off the supplies by itself... As the missions are random, there are infinite possibilities.

Missions range from scout to attack, from rescue to resupply, and everything in between. Bring the right chopper for the right job (for example, it wouldn't do to bring a gunship when you need to rescue stranded Rangers).

The crew (pilot and copilot/gunner per craft) under your command will gain skills as they fly. You can also award them medals and promotions if they did particularly well. Under your leadership, perhaps they will become an elite unit...

In their way will be a variety of enemies, from ground defenses to enemy choppers and jets. Yes, you will encounter enemy jets such as MiG-23's and Su-25's. While they are meant as ground-attack planes, that doesn't mean they don't want to score air kills when they can. Even ground threats aren't easy, with a wide variety of AAA and SAM arrayed against you.

But you got your own tricks too. Two of the choppers have "mast sights", which allow you to locate targets from behind a hill, safe from detection. You can use Sidearm missiles to destroy enemy radars. You got Stinger missiles against enemy aircrafts. You can use Longbow Hellfires to take out enemies from long range. Use rockets (3 types) to shred your enemies, or switch to your chaingun (if equipped) for up-close-and-personal work.

What's really even MORE amazing is the mission recorder. Did you lose one of your choppers? Not sure what happened? Fast forward the "tape" until the place you want and see. Every event is logged and you can see exactly what happened where. Even better, hit a button and you can fly the mission over from that exact point, and see if by doing something different, could you have changed the outcome! (though dead crew and lost chopper will not be restored, this is mainly a practice tool).

The weather is simulated as well, as a hot day can significantly reduce your payload capacity (weapons and fuel), esp. in hot climates.

You can be completely laid back, just drive a small chopper around and let your crew do the missions, or you can do the missions yourself and let your other defend you and clear out the surrounding. It is completely up to you. No other game offers you this much freedom!

This is one of the most amazing simulations ever created. You owe it to yourself to try it on a retro machine.

DOS · by Kasey Chang (4601) · 2004


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Barrel roll

It is actually possible to perform a barrel roll in any of the helicopters in the game, given sufficient altitude, even the Blackhawk.

German version

There are animals in each of the theaters (camels in Persian Gulf, Penguins in Antartica, and so on), and you can shoot the animals (indeed, splatter them with rockets should you choose to) unless you're using the German version. In the German version the animals are invincible.


Gunship 2000 is the first game where you can pilot a chopper and fly through a train tunnel... Long before the final scene in the movie Mission: Impossible.

Main menu

If you click on the "monitor" in the main menu section (inside the base office), the screen will switch among three modes, one of them is pong, one is gunship, and third is some document... The electric outlet sparks when clicked.


Look for various "advertising signs" that you can destroy through the different areas. They advertise other MicroProse games, and you actually get points for destroying them.


  • Amiga Joker
    • Issue 02/1994 – #2 Best Simulation in 1993 (Readers' Vote)
  • GameStar (Germany)
    • Issue 12/1999 - #54 in the "100 Most Important PC Games of the Nineties" ranking

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