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In a series of space colonies at the edge of the galaxy a mysterious disease drives people to uncontrollable rage. Only the healing power of song by the idol group Walküre can calm them, with the mercenary soldier force Delta Flight of Chaos defending them during concerts. At the same time the Aerial Knights of Windermere Kingdom exploit the disease to establish their rule over the colonies and their control over ancient Protoculture. Across many skies the two forces will clash to determine the fate of the cluster.

Macross Delta Scramble is an action game set during the first season of the Macross Delta anime. In storyline missions the player takes control of two pairs of pilots: Fan Vernalotte and Hans Schwalm of Chaos, and Victor Harmstadt and Domenic Udetto of the Windermere Kingdom. Both pairs are original characters created for this game who fight alongside the original anime characters of their respective sides, and their names and callsigns can be changed by the player. The player switches back and forth between the factions while playing to see the full story. Outside of the storyline are Extra missions which function as both training missions as well as fanservice events where the heroes of past Macross shows cameo and can be fought.

Completing missions rewards currency and unlocks new pilots, mecha, and support characters in the shop. Purchased units can only be used by their respective force in Windemere and Chaos storyline missions, but all units, including cameo units, can be used interchangeably in Extra missions. Before missions the player selects a pilot and mecha, a co-pilot and their mecha, and up to five support characters. Mecha accumulate TP while being used in stages, which can then be spent to tune up its stats, such as higher top speed or more weapon ammunition. Each mecha has additional paint jobs, and may have selectable option parts like boosters or armor plating. Pilots gain XP from completing stages, and leveling up increases their base stats and passive skills. The lead support character determines the effect of the Support Skill, such as unlimited ammunition or healing, as well as which song plays for the skill. The remaining four support characters provide passive stat boosts, and if the characters are related, such as selecting all five members of Walküre or a pilot and their co-pilot, there will be an additional set bonus.

During a stage the three forms of a Variable Fighter can be swapped between at will: Fighter mode has the highest speed, but limited maneuverability and no ability to defend or auto-target incoming missiles. Gerwalk mode offers the highest maneuverability and ranged offensive options, while Battroid mode trades off flight mode for access to melee attacks, defending, and the most effective anti-missile defense. Weapons have unlimited ammunition, but finite magazines, and will be unavailable while reloading. Successfully hitting opponents builds the SP gauge which can be spent on either the special ability of the equipped Support Skill, or a very powerful Special Attack which is unique to each pilot. Cutscenes and radio chatter play during missions, both of which are voiced by the original cast members.


  • マクロスΔスクランブル - Japanese Spelling

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