Rise of the Tomb Raider: Cold Darkness Awakened

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Cold Darkness Awakened is DLC for Rise of the Tomb Raider. It includes a new big map accessed within the Expeditions mode and several unlockable items: Ushanka outfit, Voidhammer shotgun, and the Cold Darkness Awakened Card Pack.

Cold Darkness Awakened is a separate map for the Expedition mode. Lara and her allies find an abandoned Soviet weapons research facility, a place where a deadly chemical was researched. The chemical breached out and turned all men in the facility into the infected -- mindless killers. Lara decides to infiltrate and destroy several chemical-producing towers to stop the infection from spreading.

Lara starts only with her bow and needs to locate weapons and upgrade crates throughout the map. She may gain random abilities by rescuing the descendant prisoners. The map is inhabited by respawning infected -- men poisoned with the chemical. The infected generally act like zombies; they are blind, but will chase and attack Lara if they hear her. Lara's goal is to progress through the map disabling the chemical towers, collecting weapons and gaining abilities. When Lara enters a tower, she is given randomized instructions on how to disable it -- turn one of the valves or hit one of the switches, and if she makes a mistake, the infected appear in the tower and she needs to start that tower again with a different set of instructions. In general, the DLC is centered around stealth gameplay.

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