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Nine is an adaptation of the Russian version of Fan Tan's card game for three persons (one human and two AI opponents) playing with a 36-card deck. After shuffling, all cards are dealt to the players and by turns each player adds a card starting with the "Nine of Diamonds" to the table organized in four rows for each suit, building down towards the "Six" on the left and up towards the "Ace" on the right. The object of the game is to get rid of all cards at hand by playing them. If the hand is not empty yet, and there is no card available to play, the player skips the turn and adds a fee to the bank, which is already filled with entry fee for the round. The player, who's gotten rid of the cards first, collects the bank for the round. The game session ends, when any of the players lose all his money. Each human player has own profile and can improve its statistics with winning more money during the game sessions.


  • Девятка - Russian spelling


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