WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!

aka: Made in Wario, Wario Ware, Inc: Mega Mini-Jeux, WarioWare, Inc.: Minigame Mania, Wǎlìōu Zhìzào
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The wierdest game since the hippy days of Get off my Garden on the c-64.

The Good
When a game has an original concept it's usually plausable to see how the developers came up with it, then you can either say something like "that's a good idea" or "we all know why that wasn't done before." but never in the history of anything have I been unable to figure out how a mainstream company came up with an idea... until now. Welcome to Wario Ware, the single wierdest game you're ever likely to play. The gameplay consists of playing any one of hundereds of mini games for about 3 seconds then being thrown to the next one for 3 seconds then the next and so on. Wierd idea number one right there. Wierd idea number 2-100 comes with the strange games you have to play. Some examples of these include catching a piece of toast as it flies out of the toaster, grabbing ahold of a dogs paw, dripping an eye drop into someones eye and sniffing snot back up into a womans nose! There are of course some slightly sainer games including snippets of some old Nintendo classics like Duck Hunt and F-Zero but they don't balance out the wierdness of the others. Most of the time you need to see a mini game once or twice to work out what's even going on before you can complete it such is the wierdness of them and when you do you may begin to question your own sanity at having thought of what to do. The funny thing is though WW can be amazingly addictive. The games become quite challenging and you'll find yourself trying just one more time to beat the stage.

The Bad
The biggest problem with WW is that it's just so absurd that for many gamers it serves as a curiousity only and once the shock of the game has worn off you may be hard pressed to want to return to it. Visuals are also pretty cheap most of the time and even though it seems to have a lot in it, it's possible to blaze through the whole thing in little to no time at all.

The Bottom Line
WW is the wierdest game I've ever seen but is also one of the most inventive and can be very addictive. Curious gamers should definitely give it a look.

Game Boy Advance · by Sycada (177) · 2003

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