Tempest 2000

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The Legend continues... It's been 15 years since you first took the controls of your blaster ship and fried the aliens attacking your end of the web in the original Tempest. Now you're back - this time with more firepower, new tricks up your sleeve, a trusty A.I. droid, and a slew of new enemies who want nothing more than to convert you into space dust. Dazzling special effect set to a techno-rave soundtrack keep this 3D-style galactic battlefield fast-paced and quite deadly. can you make your heroic comeback and save the web... or will you die trying?


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Tempest 2000 is an intergalactic shooting gallery in hell. You've never had so much coming at you so fast in so many colors. Named the "Best of Show" at CES, you'll explore 100 enemy-packed galaxies, experience outrageous Melt-O-Vision graphics and powerful 3D polygons, and be driven to a frenzy by an original techno-rave score. There's even an optional two-player mode. Don't forget, Tempest 2000 can only be played on the powerful Jaguar 64-Bit system by Atari. With all this action, no other system could handle it. Yes, you have a chance to survive. Yes, it's a slim one.

Flippers. Don't let the innocent name fool you. Once they flip onto you, they'll suck you down pronto.

Pulsars. The electric eels of the cosmos. They electrify corridors. If you're on the corridor, you fry.

Fuseballs. The scumballs of the universe. If a Fuseball touches your blaster, you're history.

Demon Heads. Intergalactic bad-asses. When you shoot one, its horns live on. Nasty little trick.

UFO's. Now you're surrounded. UFO's fly above the web and you've got to get above them. Good luck.

Warp Bonus Round. Too weird to describe. Just get there and zone out for some serious points.


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Contributed by lugnut, Chris Martin.

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