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aka: Conan the Barbarian, Conan: Hall of Volta

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You, Conan the Barbarian, must enter a castle and defeat the evil Volta.

You are armed with ten boomerang swords and your own cunning. Along the way magic gems, keys and an "Avian Ally" will help you through seven very diverse levels in which you must navigate treacherous obstacles including lava pits, powerful geysers that hurl you into the air, spike pits, and floating platforms. Volta's castle is guarded by several of his nasty beasts: bats, scorpions, giant ants, fire-breathing dragons, floating eyeballs, and even a huge electrical generator gone haywire -- you'll soon realize why he calls himself "Volta".


  • コナン - Japanese spelling

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Cancelled Spectrum release

A Spectrum conversion was advertised but never released.


On the Apple II version, there is a fatal bug in the code for level 6. If the chandelier hits the machine at the exact moment that the first frame of the electric arc is being drawn, the code accesses a bad pointer and overwrites memory until the game crashes. The authors were clearly aware of the issue, and placed a check in the one other place where it can occur, but missed this one.

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