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Unlimited Saga

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"Unlimited SaGa" is a sequel to Square's famous series of non-linear RPGs. Like in the early Romancing Saga games, and in Saga Frontier, you assume the role of eight main characters (selectable at the beginning of the game). The story centers around Laura, a 30-year old widow and an ex-pirate, but you view the story and make it progress differently depending on which character you have chosen, and on the decisions you take throughout the game. Each character is represented by a different kind of flower.

"Unlimited SaGa" feels and plays a lot like a classic board RPG. Everything - from disarming traps to hitting the enemy successfully in a battle - depends on the so-called REEL system. You have to stop a spinning slot machine at the right time, in order to perform an action successfully. It is similar to the classic dice system in pen-and-paper RPGs, and to the Judgment Ring system in Shadow Hearts. You can explore the world in a non-linear fashion, visit many optional areas and fight monsters at your will. Some puzzles have multiple solutions and can be solved by using a character's special skill. For example, a character with a Swim skill can cross a river and reach the next area of the game.


  • アンリミテッド:サガ - Japanese spelling

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Credits (PlayStation 2 version)

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Image Illustration
Art Director
Lead Programmer
Battle Design
Script Writer
Map Design
Character Designer
Monster Designer
2D Field Designer
3D Field Designer
Effects Designer
Effects Supervisor
Supervising Sound Editor
Movie Sound Editor
Dialogue Editor
Music Programming and Synthesizer
Sound Programmer
Sound Tool Programmer
Sound Editor
Production Manager
Production Coordinator
Production Assistant
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Average score: 45% (based on 33 ratings)


Average score: 2.7 out of 5 (based on 15 ratings with 2 reviews)

A completely different RPG than most people might be used to.

The Good
This game had a very care-free genre in the storyline. You can enter a select set of missions which don't necessarily have to pretain to the storyline. Also it has a very creative battle system, choosing between a multitude of attacks, which you choose between characters and attack five at a time. Also theres the reel which you have a chance to stop it on a colored spot to accomplish a special attack. It's battle system is probably its best attribute.

The Bad
Unlimited Saga plays exactly like a board game. You play one turn at a time. It's 2-D graphics as your walking through wasn't something you might expect from a PS2 game. Also the storyline doesn't really make a strong presence during the game.

The Bottom Line
If your looking for a game that might be a competitor RPG for the Final Fantasy series, you need not waste your time.

PlayStation 2 · by Speaker for the Dead (7) · 2003

A terrible disappointment for SaGa Frontier fans

The Good
The ability to play through the stories of several different characters as they criss-crossed through the same game world at the same time was the real hook for this game, the element most like the classic SaGa Frontier. The addition of voice acting, and its reasonable quality, was a nice plus. The cartoony cel graphics didn't actually detract from the game, though they didn't add to it either.

The Bad
Sadly, there is no sign that the developers assigned to this game had any clue what had made its predecessor great. Though in the original, some of the stories had rather rigid controls on the characters' movements for some early part of each adventure, even in those parts there were choices about how to develop their skills, and places to explore along the way. This game has no "field" screens, only locations on an abstract map and equally-abstract "story areas". There is no feeling of choice or control. The stories themselves seem contrived and cutesy, without depth or interest.

The Bottom Line
This is perhaps the most disappointing sequel/series game I've seen since the utter dumbing-down of M.A.X. 2, and it has far less justification. The entire thing seems to have been slapped together as a way to bilk SaGa fans of the cost of a game while Square worked on other projects.

PlayStation 2 · by weregamer (155) · 2003


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