Kemono Mahjong

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iPhone credits (2017)

27 people

Kemono Mahjong - v1.12.01

© 2021, CyborgDog Software
Character art by Cano
Additional art by EclipticaFusion
Music by Piotr Pacyna
Voices by Sean Chiplock, Ty Harper, Haley C. McCarthy, Moboxer, PSColdFire, Elissa Park, Omri Rose, SnazyIVA, Stanpai, Angela Tracey Tran (as Angela Tran), Abigail Turner, Kathryn Vinclaire
Some icons are from The Noun Project... Emir Palavan (Dragon), Bamboo: Symbolon, Nook Fulloption (Wind), Travis Avery (Book), Gregor Cresnar (Hidden)
Thank you to my play-testers for their feedback and patience! ArtDecade, Bauske, BigBadWolf4life, Lithe, Yennix, 犎
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