XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

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Aug 29, 2017 Release
Published by: Feral Interactive Ltd.
Developed by: Firaxis Games, Inc.
Ported by: Feral Interactive Ltd.
Distributed by: Valve Corporation
Localized by: Around the Word SAS, Effective Media GmbH, Synthesis Iberia SL, Synthesis International s.r.l., QLOC S.A.
Additional Graphics by: XPEC Entertainment Inc., GameShastra Solutions Pvt Ltd, Opus Artz Ltd, Cubic Motion Limited, One Pixel Brush, XPEC Art Center Inc.
Cutscenes by: Applied Cinematics, Waterproof Studios Inc., Halon Entertainment LLC
Motion Capture by: Profile Studios
Additional Sound by: Source Sound, Inc., Fox Sound Studios, Foley Walkers LLC
Voice Recording by: Lime Studios, Polarity Post Production, BAM Studios
Testing by: 2K China
Countries: flag Worldwide
Comments: Steam release
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