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The CD version of Quarantine includes a great soundtrack, featuring 11 Australian bands. There is no mention of this soundtrack in the manual, and there is only a brief/incomplete credit list at the end of the game. Here, then, is the complete soundtrack listing:


  1. Berlin Chair - You Am I
  2. The Driver Is You - The Fauves
  3. The Wahooti Fandango - Custard
  4. Ingrown - Smudge
  5. Lie Down Forever - Godstar
  6. Snail Trail - Screamfeeder
  7. Uranium Watch - The Daisygrinders
  8. Weak Will - Underground Lovers
  9. Whirlwind - Hellmenn
  10. Yellow Beam - Crow
  11. Now You Know - Sidewinder


You can buy CDs by (nearly all of) these bands at Greg's Music World: http://www.musicworld.com.au/

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GameTek released a sequel in 1995: "Quarantine II: Road Warrior".

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