Iron Man / X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal

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SEGA Saturn credits (1996)

125 people (118 professional roles, 7 thanks) with 129 credits.

Iron Man / X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal

Dedicated to the Memory of Jeff Zentil

Acclaim Product Development

Vice President of Product Development Col Stone
Executive Producer Billy Pidgeon
Producer Alex De Lucia (as Alex de Lucia)
Interactive Director Fiona Milburn
Development Team Martin DeRiso (as Martin de Riso), Steve Bremer, Eric Weiner, Kelly Coleman, James Dunn, C. P. McBee

Quality Assurance

Senior Manager Mike Weiner
Test Supervisors Carol Caracciolo, Tom Falzone
Lead Analysts Michael Mazziotto (as Mike Mazziotto), Jeff Rosa
Project Leads Chris Lang, Anthony Scaduto, Jackie A. Williams, Dan Kuby, Steve Mattocks, Stacy Brickel, André Abramowitz (as Andre Abramowitz)
Quality Assurance Testers Michael Rubin, Christine Ryan, Kristy Kaplan, Dan D'Amico, Christine Jean, Michael Blaustein, Craig Lindberg, James Ackermann, Rich Rosado, Jon Cerabone, Eric Zilberman, Mike Sterzel, Mike Lombardi, Russell Ballenger, Mick Devitt, Jeff Smith, Christian Moy, Tony Torres, Jason Miller, Lester Hart, Matthew Canonico (as Matt Canonico), Robert Saal
Technical Support Supervisor Harry Reimer
Senior Support Technicians John F. Gonzales, Howard Perlman
Support Technicians Robert Coffey (as Rob Coffey), Dan Wimpelberg

Realtime Associates

Lead Programming Clancy J. Imislund (as Clancy Imislund), Malcolm Lansell (as Mal Lansell), Thomas Peng
Game Play Programming Cheryl Higa, Ed Higa, Steve Shimizu (as Steven Shimizu)
Ed's Assistant Kevin Chan
Background Art Tim W. Jones, Sean O'Hara, Darin Hilton, Rich Neves, Doran Fish, Samati Boonchitsitsak
Sprite Art Sean O'Hara, Barbara Lipton-Hull (as Barbara Lipton), Sparky the Wonder-Squirrel
Original Score and Audio Design Greg Turner
Sound Effects Design Wendy Kurko
Voice Characterizations Gabriela Prado-Mendez, Shelley Futch, Tim W. Jones
Production Assistance Chad E. Bunch (as Chad Bunch), Kirk Lambert, Scott C. Smith
QA Evaluation Technicians Jake Watt (The Shiek), Kirk Lambert, Scott C. Smith
Motion Capture Alignment and Prep Kudo Tsunoda, J. D. Lobue Jr.
Vice President of Catering Giacoloni (The Pizza Guy)
Senior MIS Engineer Phil Nguyen
Version Control Specialist Kyle N. Riccio (as Kyle Riccio)
Rain Forest Research Coordinator Simon Clarke
Producer David Bean
Executive Producer David Warhol (as Dave Warhol)

Acclaim Studio Services

Vice President of Technology Wes Trager
Director of Studio Services Jeremy Schwartz

Acclaim Studio Services - Motion Capture Studio

Senior Manager Larry Kelley
Motion Processing Manager Brian Windsor
Biomechanical Engineer Joe Gibbons
Biomechanical Technician Richard Nelson
Motion Capture Supervisor Andy Acquilino
Motion Processing Supervisor Michael Passuello (as Mike Passuello)
Motion Processing Technician Nicole Scharff, Chuck Mongelli
Asst. Motion Processing Tech. Danielle Papsidero, Cynthia Graham
Production Assistant Phil Grunfelder, Kelly Holmes

Acclaim Studio Services - Digital Production Group

Senior Manager Annmarie Koenig
Senior Artist Patrick Kenney, Scott Douglas
Artist Alan Ackerson

Acclaim Studio Services - Post Processing

Senior Manager Rob Zimmelman
Supervisor Rob Muzer
Post-Processing Tech. Jay Biancamano, Peter Klimek

Acclaim Studio Services - Motion Capture Cast

Iron Man Brad Martin
X-O Manowar Sasha Raught

Acclaim Studio Services

Stunt Co-ordinator Jeffrey Gibson
Enemies Brian Smyj, Joe Coghlan, Daryl Meyer

Marketing (Acclaim Entertainment)

Product Manager Mark Norian
Assistant Product Manager Rick Mehler
Marketing Coordinator Kevin Brannan

Acclaim Licensing

Asst. Manager Nina Skalka
Licensing Asst. Lorine Guido, Erin Maloney

Acclaim Comics

Acclaim Comics Fabian Nicieza, Lynaire Thompson

Marvel Entertainment

Marvel Entertainment Lisa Leatherman, Dana Morsehead

Special Thanks

Special Thanks Peter Buccellato, Frances Esposito, John Farve, Mixed Nuts, Liz Murray, Sally Remetich
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Credits contributed by Hipolito Pichardo.