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Wizzley Presto and The Vampire's Tomb

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Wizzley Presto and The Vampire's Tomb is a game in the vein of classic Dizzy and Seymour series. The player takes control of Wizzley, a bumbling wannabe magician summoned by the king to rid The Shire of some evil vampire. Wizzley's problem? He can't use any magic more complex than card tricks, and so, must complete his quest through other means, mainly a series of inventory puzzles and some rudimentary platforming.

Wizzley is controlled via directional touch-buttons on the bottom of the screen. What makes this setup rather unconventional, is that the buttons are laid out in a single raw, rather than a D-Pad. The character moves with acceleration, making it difficult to estimate the timing of certain actions, Most unexpectedly, however, the character in this platformer game can't voluntarily jump - moving platforms have to be walked on, enemies can only be avoided by walking away from them, and certain objects hurl Wizzley up in an auto-jump. To interact with puzzles and NPCs, and to pick up or use items, the player has to tap them, which can be tricky based on where on screen the hotspot is.

The game is split into three chapters, all taking place in the same locations but in two different time periods. Though the game doesn't scroll from one location to the next, the screens are given life through tiny ambient animations like birds flying in the background, or spooky eyes peering out of dark corners.



Credits (iPhone version)

6 People

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Development History

The game was created in 30 days from scratch by a team of only three people. The development was highly publicized within the iOS enthusiast circles, both, to promote the game and to attract other small indies to develop products for Apple's range of smartphones.

Originally, the project was announced as Wizzley Presto and the Mysterious Time Machine, but was later renamed to Wizzley Presto and the Vampire's Tomb.

A $1000 prize was announced, to be received by the first person to complete the game and email proof to the developer. No record exists of anyone actually receiving this prize.

Though the ending of Wizzley Presto leads right into another adventure, the game never received a sequel. However, a spin-off Lemmings-style puzzle game, Dizzy Wizards, was released by Spellbound Games the following year.

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