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The Adventures of Robin Hood Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Credits Screen
Robin Hood has been thrown out of his castle
Nobody likes Robin Hood anymore
Practicing archery
Robin Hood found animal inside a cave
Robin Hood is dead
Sheriff of Nottingham arrives
Who dares to cross this bridge?
Menu screen
Summer comes to Sherwood Forest

Atari ST version

Title screen
Robin has been thrown out of his castle
The people doesn't like me very much
Practicing archery
Fighting some kind of animal in a cave
Robin Hood is dead

DOS version

Title Screen
Credits Screen
Start The Adventure
Bad Beginning
Menu Screen
Prologue: Country dance
Prologue: Meeting the cruel Sheriff
Killing one of the guards
Visiting the magician
The magician
Summer comes
Lovely trees
Autumn comes
Strolling in the fields
The magician's gift: a map
Robin Hood is being caught
Killing the guard and escaping
Winter comes
Thieving from a rich one
A snowy path
In the monastery
Spring comes
A sad image: Robin Hood is being hang