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Full Metal Planet Credits


This computer game complies completely with the basic rules of the Full Metal Planet board game designed byGérard Mathieu, Gérard Delfanti, Pascal Trigaux (published by Ludodélire)

Full Metal Realization

This game was developed byHitech Productions
Program and algorithmsRoland Morla
GraphicsNathalie Delance, Franck Drevon
Music and soundStéphane Picq
RealizationBertrand Brocard

Full Metal Production

Full Metal Planet is jointly produced byHitech Productions, Infogrames, Cobra Soft, Ludodélire, Bertrand Brocard, Georges Brocard, Suzanne Brocard, Juliette Waignier, Laurent Perrette
Managing producerBertrand Brocard
After the board game "Full metal planete" CopyrightGérard Mathieu, Gérard Delfanti, Pascal Trigaux, by Ludodélire
Original artwork byPascal Trigaux
Thanks toTex Fly Tox and Destroid for smart strategic advice, Philippe Gubeno (for his work on the animated weather hen)

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