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Blitzkrieg Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Map of the campaign plus description of current operation.
Encyclopedia of weaponry - here you can read about all arms presented in game.
Entry on Flac 88 AA cannon. Some historical information and technical specs.
First, training, mission for all three sides. Though, there's also presented separate tutorial.
Allied infantry advancing towards German controlled village.
Screen with information about player.
New chapter in the war and new technique, available during this time.
Capturing well-guarded bridge could be a difficult task..
..but there's nothing, that cannot be done, by a good tactician.
Bombers dropping their armaments on enemy's heads.
Desert massacre.
Minus one.
Nazis trying to break through our lines.
Heavy tank destroyer cracking enemy tanks, like a tin cans.
The Battle Of Prototypes. Nor Maus, neither T-28 participated in combat in reality.
Soviet bomber returning to base.
Artillery on a battlefield.
Game uses several historical clips
Russian propaganda
First soviets missions
Tank destroyed