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ATAC: The Secret War Against Drugs Credits

31 people (27 developers, 4 thanks)


DesignMichael Beaton, Sam Littlewood
ProgrammingMichael Beaton, Sam Littlewood
Additional ProgrammingMike Day
Thanks ToDarren Drabwell, Giles Goddard, Nick Halstead, Chris Humphries
ArtworkAlistair McNally
Additional ArtworkTom Ashton, Nigel Brownjohn, Scott Butler, Brian Humble
Shape DesignDanny Emmett
Music and Sound EffectsDavid Whittaker
Additional contributions fromJeremy Sands
Management and DesignRichard Clucas, Jon Dean
Project ManagersDawn Hickman, Martin Moth, Steve Perry
PublisherPaul Hibbard-Teall
Deputy PublisherPeter Moreland
Quality Assurance Testing byRichard Bakewell, Andrew Luckett, Philip McDonnell, Nick Stokes, Peter Woods
Manual Written and Researched byAlkis Alkiviades
Manual Design and PackagingJoanna Smith
TypesettingSarah Kerr, Joanna Smith
Illustrations byBlue Chip

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