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Dragon's Lair III: The Curse of Mordread Credits


ProgrammingDavid Foster, Simon Douglas
Animation Director and Head AnimatorDavid Quesnelle
Art Director and Co-ordinatorTony Bozek
Story Concept and DesignTony Bozek, David Quesnelle

For Alice and Beethoven Sequences

Animation TouchupTony Bozek, Brian Therriault, Kathleen Pepper, Deljit Dhanoa, Patty Beausoleil
Background TouchupHugh MacLeod Sr., Tony Bozek
SoundTony Bozek

For All Other Sequences

AnimatorsJoe Giovanni, Ted Bastien, Curt Lehner, Fred Wilmont
SoundTony Bozek
Animation CleanupTony Bozek, Kathleen Pepper, Brian Therriault, Jorge Freitas, Riccardo Durante, Patty Beausoleil, David Quesnelle
StoryBoard and LayoutDavid Quesnelle
MusicTony Bozek, Shawn Moore
Background RenderingDavid Quesnelle, Richard Carl Livingston, Andrew Hickson, Tony Bozek
Background PaintingTony Bozek, Hugh MacLeod Sr., Richard Carl Livingston, David Quesnelle

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Credits for this game were contributed by jeff leyda (1754) and B.L. Stryker (21078)