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Eradicator Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Choose your character
Level 1
Plot elements
Exploring the outer perimeter of the Citadel as Dan Blaze in the third-person view. The round thing above Dan's head is Li'l Buddy, a sidekick powerup.
Combat in the first-person view. The Li'l Buddy will automatically fire at the same target as the player, as long as it has any ammo left.
Flying around the Citadel yard on a hover platform.
The game uses an overhead map similar to that found in Duke Nukem 3D. It shows the player's position, floor textures, mission objectives and any powerups found in explored areas.
Land Security Droids are one of the most basic enemies in the game.
Blowing up a wall section reveals a secret area.
Power stations are frequent targets to be destroyed in order to disable security measures such as force fields that block the player's progress.
Firing a missile will show its flight in a small window at the top left - the so-called PIP (Picture-In-Picture) feature.
After completing a level, the stats are shown on the screen as the camera pans over the scenery, similar to Quake.
The mission map screen, showing the player's progression. Already completed areas are marked as "eradicated".
Entering the lower levels of the Citadel.
You can use security cameras to snoop on enemies, just like in Duke Nukem 3D. Here the camera can be freely rotated though.
Computer terminals also allow to take control of the Citadel's robotic sentries, like this CPU Patrol Eye.
You can switch to the first-person view while controlling the robot, and fly around without fearing other enemies.
The Death Darts weapon is functionally similar to a machine gun.
A close encounter with a Land Security Droid.
The melee attack is good for breaking open ammo containers or grates.
Hover Security Droids are agile and pack a hefty punch.
The design of monsters is quite peculiar.
Just like in Duke Nukem 3D, there are many destructible elements of the environment. For example, computer panels like this can be blown up for some spectacular fireworks.
Fighting as Kamchak in the third-person view.
Checking your inventory. Again, this feature and the interface are similar to Duke Nukem 3D.
The Sonic Shock weapon is, for all intents and purposes, a shotgun. While it does not look or sound particularly impressive, a single hit will blow a Land Security Droid into pieces.
The Geosurvey powerup will show unexplored areas (including secrets) on the map, much like the Computer Area Map in Doom.
The Nitrofogger is Kamchak's equivalent of a flamethrower, effective at short range.