King's Quest: Collector's Edition Credits


Producer and DirectorRobert Holmes
Programming and InterfaceScott Murphy, Greg Tomko-Pavia, Bob Andrews, Jerry Shaw
Art DesignGloria Garland, Darrin Fuller, Nathan Gams, Phy Williams, Donovan Skirvin
WritersSusan Frischer, Leslie Sayes Wilson
ResearchRobert Holmes, Susan Frischer, Lori Lucia, Judy Crites, Debbie Usher
DocumentationLeslie Sayes Wilson, Maria Fruehe, Nathan Gams
Quality AssuranceJudy Crites, Sharon Simmons, Catie Andrews, Douglas Wheeler
MusicMark Seibert, Jay D. Usher, Robert Holmes
Audio EngineersRichard Spurgeon, Kelli Spurgeon
Video EditingTri‑Film, Robert Holmes, Randy Littlejohn, Bill Crow, Robert Ballew
System ProgrammersLarry Scott, Terry McHenry, Mark Wilden, Greg Tomko-Pavia, Ken Koch
Resident HistorianJohn Williams
German TranslationJohn Hugo, Johanna Wilhelm
Special Thanks go toAll the King's Quest veterans whose contributions have made the series possible, Jane Jensen, Lorelei Shannon, Josh Mandel, Ken Williams, Roberta Williams (who continues to test the limits of interactive entertainment)

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