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Pitman DOS Title (and instructions)


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The DOS version of Pitman is based on a 2001 implementation by Sylvain Bizoirre, who ported it to his MBasic interpreter from a version he originally wrote in 1985 for the Sharp MZ 700/800. This older version, written in S.Basic, appeared in the Nov. 1985 issue of French magazine La Revue des Sharpentiers; however, that too was an adaptation - the original was written by Yutaka Isokawa in HuBasic, and published by the Japanese magazine Oh!MZ in its August 1985 issue.

Isokawa's version, in turn, was expanded and ported to the Game Boy in 1990. His original MZ version had 50 levels, but the aforementioned conversions made in France - including this one - only include the first 22.

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