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Spellcasting 201: The Sorcerer's Appliance Credits

22 people


WriterSteve Eric Meretzky
ArtTanya Isaacson, Donald Langosy, Paul Mock, James Sullivan
MusicArfing Dog
System ArchitectureBob Bates, Duane Beck
System ProgrammingDuane Beck, Glen R. Dahlgren, Mark Poesch
Graphics System DevelopmentMark Poesch
Music System DevelopmentMichael Lindner
AdLib TranscriptionMichael Lindner
Sound EffectsGlen R. Dahlgren
Additional Game ProgrammingDuane Beck, Glen R. Dahlgren
Production CoordinationPeggy Oriani
Cover ArtCraig Nelson
Testing CoordinationRaff Brooks
TestingJosh Schriftman, Alyssa Verdu
Additional TestingLinda Duchaineau, Bruce Graham, Gordon Haff, Dennis Kucharczik, Wendy Pry, Michael Sonesen
ProducerMichael Lindner, Steve Eric Meretzky

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Credits for this game were contributed by Belboz (6582)