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Tank Wars DOS The game's title screen



Tank Wars Credits

9 people (1 developers, 8 thanks)


By Kenneth Morse


I would like to thankBorland[for without Turbo Pascal this program could never have been written. I believe that Borland has the best technical support of any company in existence. They continue to help even when you get on their nerves.]
I would also like to thank Microsoft[for I could not have written this so easily without a multi-tasking environment.], WordPerfect Corp.[for WordPerfect with which I wrote these files.]
I would like to thank Chris Sparks, Brett Moseley, for their endless hours of beta testing and contributed ideas.
Also I would like to thank all the users who have contributed ideas, and helped in testing Tank Wars. Special thanks toAaron Johnson (who aided in solving the ATI bug), Robin Rudge (who provided the equations for Wind Master.)

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