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atari kombinera

Zork: The Great Underground Empire Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The starting location
Found an interesting treasure...
Entering the house
The grating is locked...of course.
Everything echoes in this room - even your thoughts.
Sloppy artists are one of the reasons Zork is a text-only game ;)
Defeating the first foe you encounter in the Zork universe - the Troll.
Zork's sense of humor is truly unique.
The cult phrase that Zork is famous for. You'd better get some light fast!
Performing exorcism is just one of the many tasks you will face in the game.
There's nothing a tube of Gunk can't fix.
The Thief is a tough opponent but definitely not unbeatable.
Ouch! I'm hurt - I'd better be careful.
Entering the mines with an open flame (e.g. a torch) is a pretty bad idea. Very noisy too...