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WindowsAdventurespiele (May 26, 2010)
Dream Chronicles – The Eternal Maze ist ein fantastisches Spiel, das man immer wieder spielen kann ohne dass es langweilig wird. Eine tolle Grafik und eine gute Musik, sowie sich ändernde Bildaufteilungen für das Inventar sorgen für langen Spielspaß. Ich selbst habe es bereits 32-mal gespielt.
WindowsGameZebo (Apr 18, 2008)
If you're the least bit interested in puzzle-based adventures, don't fidget in your seat. Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze is an endearing, intriguing and original quest - a fairy-tale that both enchants and entertains from beginning to end.
WindowsKiller Betties (Feb 18, 2008)
Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze is a really great game, featuring both great gameplay and technical aspects as well. If you miss point-and-click adventure games you definitely owe it to yourself to experience Dream Chronicles 2. Dream Chronicles 2 won’t necessarily be for everyone out there, but for those into the genre and who can look past the occasional hard puzzle, you’ll find a really wonderful game in Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG) (Aug 22, 2008)
I think Dream Chronicles 2 is a successful hidden object game. The scenery is attractive and the additional puzzle types add some variety. If you have a friend or relative who is a beginning gamer and likes hidden object games, this might also be a good way to introduce them to the trappings of point-and-click adventure games. But adventure game players will probably find that hidden object hunting adds tedious busy-work. Also, the puzzles here are simple, very abstract, and not deeply integrated into the world. The story is dictated to the player, and there isn't a feeling of exploration. So as an adventure game, Dream Chronicles is a lightweight.
WindowsAdventure Gamers (Jan 18, 2010)
If you’re considering picking the series up here, there’s no reason you can’t. The story is ostensibly a continuation of the first game, but it’s every bit as thin here, and there’s so little to actually follow that you’ll quickly get the gist. You’ll meet a new character, who happens to look a whole like the first one (I apologize to plants for the racial generalizing), but once again he’s really just a fringe element to mix things up. Like the first game, the “ending” is really just a setup for yet another sequel, but it’s unlikely that you’ll be drawn to future games for plot reasons. What might encourage you is the slight improvement of Dream Chronicles 2 over the original, with better graphics, a few nice puzzle additions, and a more open-ended design that makes you feel more like a participant than a passenger, adding maybe an hour to the total game time in the process.

antstream tournament