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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.1
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 2.7
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.1
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.6
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.3
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.0
Overall User Score (7 votes) 3.2

Critic Reviews

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The Next Level (USA) (Aug 22, 2000)
While Evolution 2 makes some substantial improvements, most players will still conclude the entire experience is too short. Though reflecting on the theme of the entire saga, it would seem justified that the series would be of such length. Players who are craving another RPG until the anticipated Grandia 2 may find an exceptional level of entertainment as the contains a significant degree of drama and depth and the characters are easily likeable and memorable.
RPGFan (Feb 15, 2001)
Overall, Evolution 2: Far Off Promise is, well, promising. Unfortunately, it becomes too repetitive too quickly to be anything better than merely a good game. Nevertheless, it's a good RPG for the Dreamcast, meaning it's still a rarity. If you played and like the first, by all means pick this up - as I understand it, it's more of the first game. Otherwise, I'd recommend this to any DC owner feeling a little starved for RPGs, but be wary: it's very easy to get bored at this game. If you're able to stick with a game 'til the end, pick it up by all means.
Evolution 2's battle engine, item management systems and dungeon designs are identical to the original's. Throw in the fact that there's still only one town (albeit a bigger one) to cruise, and it's clear that this game is ultimately aimed at fans who like their RPGs simple, engaging and super-deformed. But there's nothin' wrong with that— at least until Eternal Arcadia and Grandia II emerge. But fans certainly can't complain until that day comes. Check this one out.
HappyPuppy (Aug 02, 2000)
The things that bug me about Evolution 2 are the same things that bugged me about the first one. For such a heady and heavy game, the names sure are stupid. I've yet to encounter a character named Bul Let, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happened. And the Speed Racer-style graphics don't match up with the mood and spirit of this one either--no matter how much of a badass he may be, it's hard to take a character seriously when he's looking at you with the eyes of a Precious Moments figurine. And one last thing: I know the designers were in a hurry, but I don't speak Japanese, and when the characters do in the cutscenes, I feel like I'm sometimes missing something when I have to read the subtitles. Yes, I read the bit about preserving "the integrity of the characters by leaving their speech in Japanese as it was originally intended to be heard."
Fans of the original Evolution (as well as those who simply enjoy a great RPG) can squeak, hop and giggle at the release of UbiSoft's second Dreamcast offering in the series, Evolution 2: Far Off Promise. Once again, role players will return to a world of Lunarlike characters that have been called upon by the president of the Society Museum in Museville to use their mercenary skills to retrieve several artifacts from various local dungeons. The superior horsepower of the Dreamcast renders the world around our heroes with a wonderfully detailed anime quality, and the gameplay, sound effects and music are on par with what one would expect from an RPG of this kind.
Video Games (Jun, 2000)
Wie schon eingangs erwähnt: Evolution 2 ist eher als Update-Version als ein neues, eigenständiges Sequel zu verstehen. Wer allerdings mit dem ersten Teil schon seinen Spaß hatte, wird auch diesmal wieder nicht enttäuscht werden, Die japanische Menüführung wird euch zwar zu Beginn vor leichte Probleme stellen, was sich aber nach einigen Runden in den Dungeons wieder gibt - zumal fast alle Menüs denen des ersten Teils entsprechen.
70 (Sep 21, 2009)
rgendwie wirkt Evolution 2 eher wie ein Update des ersten Teils, denn der Spielverlauf ist der gleiche und technisch hat sich nicht allzu viel getan. Die Dungeons sind immer noch sehr langweilig gestaltet, die Kämpfe wegen gleicher Moves und Items immer noch die selben und mal wieder gibt’s nur eine Stadt als Ausgangspunkt. Eigentlich schon ein Garant dafür, den Spieler noch schneller zu langweilen. Dank der kleinen Neuerungen hat Far Off Promise aber dann doch etwas die Nase vorn und kann wieder eine gute Motivationsbasis schaffen (,die sogar noch etwas mehr fesselt). Also trotz einiger Schwächen ein kurzweiliges RPG, das gegenüber Grandia 2 und Skies of Arcadia aber deutlich den kürzeren zieht!
I really tried to like Evolution 2 more than I did. It’s a Rogue-like, which I generally love, and it’s got great character design, which is always a plus. But in the end, the tedium of the game got to me. You can certainly do worse, but similarly, you can certainly do better. Unless you’re a die-hard fan of the first game, or are starved for Dreamcast RPGs, you’ll probably want to give Evolution 2: Far Off Promise a skip. In the end, the game feels merely passable instead of truly enjoyable, and you’ll have invested more time than the enjoyment you’re likely to get out.
66 (Jan 21, 2002)
Wie bereits der Vorgänger bietet auch Evolution 2 traditionelle japanische Rollenspielkost ohne wirkliche Höhepunkte. Eine packende Story und spielerische Innovationen sucht man hier ebenso vergebens wie abwechslungsreiche Dungeon-Besuche oder grafische Finesse. Dank einfacher Handhabung, motivierender Charakterpflege und taktischen Elementen macht das ansonsten eher triste Monsterkloppen zwar doch irgendwie Spaß, dieser hält sich aber dennoch in bescheidenen Grenzen. Im direkten Vergleich mit Referenztiteln wie Grandia II und Skies of Arcadia verschwindet Evolution 2 sogar in Unbedeutsamkeit, aber Freunde des Vorgängers werden bestimmt nicht enttäuscht sein und vergleichbare Neuerscheinungen wird es für den Dreamcast vielleicht überhaupt keine mehr geben - vom völlig anders ausgelegten Phantasy Star Online V. 2 einmal abgesehen.
66 (Dec 16, 2001)
En resumen. Evolution 2 no es un mal Rpg pero peca de simpleza y de poca variedad. El juego es casi siempre lo mismo y al final las mazmorras acaban agotando mentalmente al jugador. Para colmo, en estas no hay punto de salvar hasta la última planta y eso, sobretodo en mazmorras avanzadas, se hace muy pesado. Hay que decir que es bastante largo, que tiene muchos secretos y que el sistema de reliquias está bastante bien pensado. Aún así es un juego que no llegará a satisfacer a los más expertos jugadores pero que quizá guste a quien quiera iniciarse en el género o, sencillamente, quiera pasar el rato.
Planet Dreamcast (Jul 13, 2000)
Evolution 2 is a good example of how a developer can fumble a franchise loaded with possibility with just a few choice mistakes. A decent start leads to a disappointing, tedious finish. While Evolution 2 certainly retains the charm of the original game, players will not be able to cast the game's flaws aside as easily as before.
Defunct Games (May 13, 2007)
In the end, Evolution 2 leaves you with the feeling that its cast of charming characters deserves a better story, a better game. While the entire production is technically fine, it's apparent that many elements crucial to an RPG's success were skimped on, leaving you feeling a bit disappointed that there isn't more to it.
GameSpot (Jul 12, 2000)
In the end, Evolution 2 leaves you with the feeling that its cast of charming characters deserves a more effective vehicle. While the entire production is technically proficient, it's apparent that many elements crucial to an RPG's success were skimped on, leaving you feeling a bit disappointed that there isn't more to the game.
If you're looking to find out what Mag Launcher and Linear Cannon did after the events in the first Evolution, this game will fill in all the blanks and provide you with more of the same "RPG lite" action that fit so charmingly in with the first game. If you're looking for an epic adventure however, set your sights on Grandia 2 or Skies of Arcadia. This one's just a romp.