X-Men: Mutant Academy Screenshots (Game Boy Color)

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Game Boy Color version

Title screen.
Choosing a fighter.
VS screen.
Wolverine vs. Storm
Wolverine vs. Gambit
Wolverine vs. Cyclops
Wolverine mirror match
Wolverine vs. Sabretooth
Wolverine vs. Pyro
Wolverien vs. Mystique
Wolverine vs. Toad
Wolverine vs. Magneto
Wolverine defeats Phoenix
Gambit mirror match
Cyclops throws Gambit
Wolverine throws Gambit
Storms grabs Wolverines up into the air
And drops him
Lightning attack
Mystique performs a grab on Sabretooth
Storm uses a wind attack on Toad
Magneto has Pyro immobilized.
Phoenix throws a fireball at Apocalypse
Phoenix performs a flying throw on Toad
Apocalypse head-butts Pyro
Storm does a tornado throw on Apocalypse
Cyclops uses his optic blast on Apocalypse
Phoenix uses her apocalypse move on her doppelganger
Pyro vs Mistique
Gambit vs Sabretooth
Gambit vs Toad
Pyro vs Pyro